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july201810000000000000003000000000000004.tif' }, { 'name': '0021_006.tif', 'format': 'tif', 'mime_type': 'image/tiff', 'size': 4341, 'source': 'filename' }] } } The debate over whether Europe should be more pro- or anti-Trumpist continues to rage unabated, but a new study suggests that Europe has been more right than most expect. A study released in the journal Global Discourse by five European academics shows that after the U.S. election, Europe's more progressive voters saw a "more open, more critical attitude in the media towards the U.S. government" than their more right-wing counterparts. While the study did find differences between the two sides on how they felt about Trump, for the most part, right-wingers were more skeptical of Trump than they were about Obama in 2016. "The European citizen can count on more robust media coverage of U.S. politics than in any other continent," the study says. "This would not have been the case in the aftermath of Trump's victory." There are a few caveats, though. One is that Trump's win is still not a done deal, so there's still time for Europe's progressives to get pissed and start talking about Trump. And though some of the survey respondents were specific about issues they were worried about, it's possible that their less conservative counterparts were more worried about Trump than they were willing to admit. Also, the study was based on just 38,000 people, so it's not necessarily representative of the entire continent. But overall, the study's authors believe that it at least illustrates the fact that Europe has been, and should continue to be, more progressive than most Americans expect. "With regard to U.S. politics, Europeans in general, but in particular U.S. progressives, are more concerned about the consequences of the Trump presidency for the social and economic rights of minorities and foreigners than about




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CRACKMSOffice2016ProPlusVLX64MULTi22JULY2018Gen2 filmax

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